Apartments “Peña Ubiña”


Comfortable apartments integrated into a building of plants, located in the village of Down Tuiza.

Equipment: Living room with sofa – bed, Two bed room, bathroom, TV, fridge, microwave oven, central heating, parking, etc..

Sleeps: 2 – 4 (According apartment)
Reservations: 639 830 598

Livestock that feeds grazing on green meadows of the valley, cattle compose, bobino, equine, goats and poultry called, highlighting the indigenous cattle breed called Asturiana de los Valles.

The typical Asturian gastrononía you can taste in restaurants in the area offering tasty dishes like bean stew, Pote Asturiano, Lamb stake, Jabalí con patatines, Casadielles, Frixuelos, Spelled bread, and not forgetting, course, Cantabrian seafood and rock fish.

The Astur folklore is represented in the various festivals of their villages, which together with the Bachota and Pinos, in the Upper Valley, offer visitors a rich sample of our identity sign attached to the affable, open and welcoming of the Asturian make tourists feel fully integrated.

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